The Slayerbot Series: Main Cast

Barbara Dixon, Slayerbot
Barb was a normal girl in New Jersey in 1957. She mostly behaved herself aside from a few daring moments at the drive-in, up until she found out she was the new Slayer. She did good for her part, fighting vampires and others up until her death two years later. Now by a spell gone awry, she finds herself in a robotic body in Santa Cruz, California -- 2002.
Johnny Archer, Secret Boy Genius
Johnny is a total over-the-top tech-head. What he can't fix never worked in the first place. He stumbled across some secret correspondence from the 1950's over construction of an android body. He quickly became obsessed and managed to create his own, and even added some improvements using modern technology. However, up until a bizarre accident, the brain has stumped him. He would be played by Toby MacGuire.
Tori Dromanse, Goth Chick from Hell
For much of her life, Victoria has been trying increasingly extreme stunts to get her parents to notice her. Unfortunately, her parents were so "hip" that they just kept approving of her individuality. Eventually, she fell in with the vampire groupie crowd in Sunnydale and barely escaped with her life. After moving to Santa Cruz, she now has a moral mission to take out vampires, and is putting her rebellious and criminal talents to the task. She would be played by Christina Ricci.
Owen Gibson, Popular Surfer Dude
Owen is the comic relief, an excellent surfer, heartthrob of many a girl, and all-around popular guy in his class. Of course, Barb quickly catches his eye. While brainless and clueless, he has the knack of being utterly unfazeable. He would be played by Owen Wilson.
Ashley McBay, Gay Vegetarian Wiccan Rich Girl
Ashley is a well-known figure in the Santa Cruz High School scene. She is editor of an alternative high school newspaper, the Gaean. Her parents own an upscale resturant in downtown Santa Cruz. She drives a green Beetle. She would be played by Neve Campbell.
Max Fischer, Theater Geek
Max is a misfit who is heavily into theater, known particularly for his rather violent and gory choices for high school plays -- such as Alien. He would of course be played by Jason Schwartzman (from Rushmore).

Guest Stars

Marcus Grimmond, Crazy Old Coot
This freaky grey-bearded old man (in his 70's) was Barb's original Watcher forty years ago. Disillusioned by his failure, he eventually quit the council and has tried various magical experiments on his own. It is his miscast spell that summoned Barb's spirit into the robot body. Marcus is not a kindly father figure like Giles -- more of a crazy old coot. In my original playtest with friends, I had him as a PC but I then decided he was more appropriate as an NPC.
Rhiannon LeVay, Scary Techno Pagan
Rhiannon was a PC for the second convention game, but isn't a member of the Scooby gang. She and her boyfriend, Danny Li, are rivals of Barb and her friends -- but circumstances in that adventure made them into allies. Rhiannon is the daughter of a powerful chaos sorcerer who passed away some years ago, and now she is trying to live up to his legacy.
Danny Li, Tough Asian Punk
A hotrod-driving, martial-arts-practicing ninja wannabe, Danny is the boyfriend of Rhiannon -- who finds him useful. Theirs is a somewhat dysfunctional relationship.
Steve Brant, Rebel Without A Clue
A partner of Barb in the fifties, Steve somehow showed up in modern times for one of the adventures. From an unacknowledged Native American bloodline, he became a totem warrior with supernatural powers. However, culturally he follows leather jackets, slicked hair, and motorcycles.
Vincent Holt, Cool Teen Genius
A newly-transferred student, he's geeky and a scientific genius like Johnny in some ways, but he's also well-rounded, popular at school, and socially charming. Naturally, he and Johnny have developed a major rivalry.


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