Ashley McBay, Gay Vegetarian Wiccan Rich Girl


         Ashley is a Santa Cruz native, born and raised. When she was born, her parents originally owned a local organic farm. After many successful investments and some luck, they are now extremely wealthy and own a trendy organic food restaurant downtown. It also hosts many local events including meetings of the Coven of Wiccan Goddesses in Real Life (COWGIRLs).

         She is a well-known figure in the Santa Cruz High School scene. She edits an alternative high school newspaper, the Gaean; and is active on the yearbook committee. She is very active in a number of Wiccan groups. However, she knows absolutely nothing useful about the occult. She is, however, sharp-eyed, silver-tongued, and resourceful. She drives a green hybrid-power minivan with every conceivable option.

         Ashley is tall (5'10") and lithe, with straight brown hair which goes to her waist. She dresses in a variety of colorful outfits, mixing tie-die and various world-culture fashions.


  • Tori: is a bewitching figure, both a powerful warrior and a beauty. However, her fatal flaw is that she cloaks her goodness in a shield of cynicism, and covers up her true feelings by casual flings with either gender. You had been going out with her recently, but broke up when the cynicism and flirting became too much for you. If anything, you'd like to show her how that can hurt.
  • Owen: is a good friend, whose heart is in the right place even if his brain isn't all there. You grew up with him in Santa Cruz, and have gone to many environmental activist rallies with him.
  • Barb: is a sad case. Growing up in the fifties as she did, she has no understanding of the damages wrought by the patriarchal government and their violently enforced code of heterosexuality. Someday you hope to teach her otherwise.
  • Johnny: is a well-meaning but misguided kid. While he is smart in some ways, he cannot see the abuse of the Earth that is inherent in the machines he is so fond of.
  • Max: is also well-intended but ultimately destructive. His play "Aliens" utterly missed the sliver of feminism in that story, and to compound this he used his position as director to prey on his star actress Tori, who wisely rejected him. You shudder to think of his upcoming production, "Thelma & Louise".