Danny Li, Tough Asian Punk


         Daniel Li is the son of a stodgy engineer and a restaurant manager. However, in person he stands out sharply from his humble roots. He is 6'2" and cut, with well-toned muscles. He is always sharply dressed generally in black printed shirts and jeans, with his hair is cropped short and spiked. He is heavily into martial arts as well as martial arts movies and weapons. He drives a heavily-modded red Honda Integra Type-R, with NOS under the hood and purple neon underneath, which can do 0 to 60 in 7.4 seconds.

         Danny started going out with Rhiannon last year. She is into super-cool techno-magical stuff, and is sexy to boot. She's trouble, too, but that's part of the fun. A few weeks ago she tried a spell to learn more about magic from some dead guy -- but it went haywire and instead let loose a bigfoot-like monster on the town. You would've like to have gone a few rounds with it, but Barb and her friends got to it first.

Tonight, you and Rhiannon had gone out camping in the woods for the weekend. Besides the usual activities for such a trip, she was thinking about trying out some more magic. However, later that night there was an explosion over the hill. A few minutes later a rush of animals came running away from there. A deer ran through your camp, and trambled on Rhiannon's arm -- possibly breaking it. Right now, you had just started to drive her to the hospital at top speed.