Rhiannon LeVay, Scary Techno Pagan


         Rhiannon LeVay is the daughter of a powerful chaos sorcerer in Santa Cruz. However, he disappeared about five years ago when a major ritual of his went awry -- most likely damned to some nether dimension. Since then, her mother has been mostly denying this and trying to make their life as normal as possible on a limited budget. Rhiannon has obligingly done well in school, but she has been dabbling in many other things as well: computer hacking, theft, boys, drugs, and magic (not necessarily in that order).

         She's been going out with Danny Li for about two months now. He's useful for many reasons: he's in great shape, looks good, and he's got a car. However, he can be pretty irritating.

         She had her first run-in with Barb and her gang a few weeks ago. Her first big spell was an attempt at necromancy to videoconference with her late father. However, it went awry and a instead set loose a hairy yeti-like monster on the town. Barb defeated the creature, and knew that some spell summoned it. She and her friends aren't sure it was you, but they're pretty suspicious.

Tonight, you and Danny had gone out camping in the woods for the weekend. Besides the usual activities for such a trip, you were thinking about trying out some more magic. However, later that night there was an explosion over the hill. A few minutes later a rush of animals came running away from there. A deer ran through your camp, and trambled on your arm -- possibly breaking it. Right now, Danny had just started to drive you to the hospital at top speed.