Tori Dromanse, Goth Chick from Hell


         Victoria grew up in Sunnydale, a pitiful one-Starbucks town, with her father the high school teacher and her stepmother the immigration attorney. She has tried to keep her life interesting with a variety of stunts. However, her parents were so "hip" that they just kept approving of her individuality. They bragged to other parents about her new tattoo, and even had helpful advice after they found out about her drug use. Eventually, she fell in with the vampire groupie crowd in Sunnydale and barely escaped with her life when they were trapped with real vampires.

         After the high school burned down in 1999, her family moved to Santa Cruz. Now Tori has a moral mission to take out vampires, and is putting her rebellious and criminal talents to the task. She met up with Barb early this year when their science teacher Mr. Brentmeyer tried to turn his students into an army of super-evolved humans. Barb and her friends are now her allies in the fight and occaisionally more. At one time or another, she has at least made out with most of the people she knows -- but has yet to form any serious attachments.

         Physically, Tori is mid-sized (5'7") and athletically well-proportioned. She has a horde of piercings and tattoos. Her hair color and style changes weekly, but often orange or red. She tends to dress in jeans, t-shirt, and various black leather.


  • Ashley: is a complete flake about religion and stuff, but she can be surprisingly resourceful, too. You two were going out recently, but you broke up after you mocked her newagey-ness once too often.
  • Barb: is infuriating. Since she appeared, you have hated her guts and her prissyness -- but you have to admit she has proved herself these past few months. In fact, you have developed a crush on her, but of course she's too straight to even comprehend such a thing.
  • Owen: is handy for what he is, a dumb but liberal jock. You went out for him briefly last year -- but it was really more of a few one-night stands. After all, he is the best-looking boy in school, and he's in great shape. But it was nothing serious.
  • Max: is a pain. You went out with him last year when you played Ripley in his play, "Alien", but he later threw a hissy when you refused to re-dye your orange hair for the production.
  • Johnny: has been helpful with his gadgets and planning, plus he's cute in an innocent sort of way. But he's still a kid, and you don't want to see him get hurt.