Steve Brant, Rebel Without A Clue


         Steve Brant was a rebel teenager in Fifties New Jersey. He grew up on the wrong side of town, to parents of some sort of color. His mother said she had Indian blood -- but to everyone else it just meant he was dark. Up until junior year, he did whatever the hell he wanted in school, saved money for the junked Harley he was trying to rebuild, and had a good time.

         Then he started to get dreams with this weird old Indian guy telling him that he'd been chosen to defend his people from an ancient threat. Suddenly he found himself fighting winged monsters coming out of the swamps, which in the dreams were called simply "devils". That's when he met Barb. He found out what a Slayer was, and did his best to help out -- fighting everything from a deranged puppeteer using shrunken human actors to the satanic cults in the woods. After almost two years, her Watcher told you a plan to catch a storm-worshiping cult as they came to set up a ritual. But when you drove there, you saw them already in place, and Barb at the middle. There was a giant electrical explosion, and everyone died. You were heartbroken.

         Two years later, you were 19 -- dropped out of school and society, and still fighting evil. A maniac who called himself "Dr. Botnik" had built giant robots out of scrap metal -- slow and primitive, but still dangerous. He escaped, but you followed him, eventually tracking him down in a cave in Oregon. You remember with chills when he pointed a bizarre looking gun at you and said "Cool it, daddy-o." The next thing you remember, you were being revived by some old Indian guy in Oregon. He explained that you had been frozen solid for fifty years in that cave, but somehow survived because of your powers and had been revived by his magics.

         That was two weeks ago. You'd learned a thing or two about magic, and with the old man's help you found out that Botnik was somehow still alive and in Santa Cruz, California. You headed down there to deal with him once and for all.


  • Barb: is pretty amazing. You had a crush on her for a while, but she wasn't interested in anything more than hanging out and maybe holding hands with you. Plus, it doesn't pay to try to pull things on a girl who can throw a motorcycle.