Vincent Holt, Cool Teen Genius


         Vincent is a 15-year old junior at Santa Cruz High School. He is a scientific prodigy whose physicist father died of cancer when he was four. His mother has been very understanding of his genius, but also insists that he socialize well and learn many things besides science. The two of them moved to Santa Cruz two months ago to from Los Angeles to get away from what she felt was an unhealthy culture and lifestyle.

         He also has a major secret. Frustrated at his ability to fit in, a year ago he perfected a neurological device which split off the anti-social half of his mind. Split off, the anti-social half could program geeky projects and play violent video games while uploaded to his home computer, while he helped his mother, did volunteer projects, and learned poetry. Since splitting this off, he's been popular in school, getting dates, and praise from adults.

         However, now his anti-social half has disappeared. From looking at the logs, he thinks that it has found some way to manifest itself in semi-material form -- but he's not sure what it would be like. He hypothesizes that it has a strong electromagnetic signature that must always be visible somehow, but it can probably disguise its appearance. He is working on a prototype of a device to trap it, but it still needs development. He is desperately hoping to keep hidden what it is, and possibly put suspicion on others while he completes his plan to trap it again.

         Vincent is tall and skinny but good-looking, with neatly kept black hair, usually dressed stylishly.


  • Barb: is very odd. You guess that her biological parents must have been very retro about the fifties, because it seems at times like she grew up there.
  • Brenda: is even stranger. In fact, you doubt that she is actually human. Your best guess is that she is a robot duplicate of Barb.
  • Tori: is an intimidating presence, but she hasn't taken a disliking to you yet. You have to watch what you say around her, you know.
  • Max: is difficult to talk to, since he rarely talks about topics other than movies and comic books.
  • Ashley: is a passionate, if somewhat eccentric, idealist. You have gotten along well with her in volunteer programs which you both have been on.
  • Owen: is a popular guy, though not for his intellectual abilities. Still, he has a good heart.