Max Fischer, Psycho Theater Geek


         Max is a misfit who is heavily into theater, known particularly for his rather violent and gory choices for high school plays such as Serpico and Heaven and Earth. He grew up in New England, where for many years he attended a prestigious prep school on a scholarship. His mother had passed away, and his father, a barber, was supportive but unambitious. Max maintained an intense extra-curricular activities ranging from bee-keeping to wrestling to his famous plays.

         When he was 15 he got into trouble and was expelled from his prep school. He eventually adjusted to public school life. Not long after, his father Bert remarried and moved out to Santa Cruz to be with his new stepmother Ruth, an English teacher at the high school here. He moved in January last year, and produced a stage play, "Alien". The graphic nature of the production shocked some of the school board and got him an official reprimand. Since then, he has wavered on the edge of trouble, but nothing too serious.

         Max is 5'6" with conservatively-cut black hair.


  • Barb: is a wonder. A superhuman steel frame within a beautiful human shell; and just so there is a core of iron will inside her polite and feminine manner. Since meeting her, though, you have been worried that she will be weirded out when she gets to know you.
  • Tori: is a bit too wild for you. She starred in your first Santa Cruz production as Ripley in Alien, and you had a brief and sweaty romance with her. However, you two had a falling out when she refused to dye her hair a normal color for the production.
  • Johnny: is something of a know-it-all. He might know machines, but he lacks your critical thinking and insight into the human condition.
  • Ashley: is nice in that weird California sort of way. However, her school newspaper the Gaean is a joke and the yearbook is awful.
  • Owen: is, well, Owen. He has his uses, but anything in the thinking department isn't one of them.