Johnny Archer, Boy Genius


         Johnny is a 13-year old junior at Santa Cruz High School. His father is an engineer at Program Object Technologies, while his mother stays at home. Since an early age, it has been clear that Johnny is a genius. By ten, he understood every appliance in the house -- and by now what he can't fix never worked in the first place.

         Two years ago, Johnny found in some old company archives secret correspondence from the 1950's with a Ted Buchanan in Sunnydale, detailing plans to build an advanced robot body. He quickly became obsessed and managed to create his own prototype, and added many improvements using modern technology. He was still working on the brain, however, when a spell gone awry brought Barb's spirit into his creation. The spell (by Barb's former Watcher, Marcus) had been disrupted because of the secret of your science teacher Mr. Brentmeyer, who was transforming himself and his students into super-evolved beings.

         With a bit of hacking, he has created an identity for Barb as an orphan from New Jersey -- who has been kindly fostered by his parents. He is a bit paranoid over his project being found out, and spends a lot of time covering his tracks. Unfortunately, Barb won't stand for any orders from him, and occaisionally has problems with subtlety. However, she's agreed to work together on most issues.

         Johnny is short even for his age, and has short curly blonde hair along with distinguished-looking glasses.


  • Barb: is partly your creation, and if anything you feel a bit paternal towards her. You sometimes lapse into thinking about her as a machine, but she's quick to correct you on that.
  • Tori: is your dream and your nightmare at once. She's smart, practical, and beautiful. She's also violent, rebellious, and seems to have slept with everyone except you.
  • Max: is a friend and fellow nerd, but you rarely talk to him about anything other than movies and comic books.
  • Ashley: is a basket-case. She believes half a dozen different religions, all of them contradictory; and then criticized you for the illogic of your patriarchy.
  • Owen: is, well, Owen. It's hard to think ill of him; but then, it's hard for him to think.