Owen Gibson, Popular Surfer Dude


         Owen Gibson is a Santa Cruz native. His parents run a head shop and hemp clothing store on Pacific Avenue. His life has been very simple. He is a genuinely excellent surfer, a friendly pot-smoker, popular in school, heartthrob of many a girl, and is mostly sort-of passing his classes. He's quick to lend a hand or a hit to anyone who needs it. Aside from beach athletics, his primary talents are (1) not noticing anything, and (2) not being fazed by anything once he is made aware of it.

         Physically, he is a flawless 6'1" with a tanned and buff body. His long blonde hair falls artfully about his broad shoulders. He usually dresses in board shorts, tye-die t-shirt, and thong sandals regardless of the occaision.


  • Ashley: has been a close friend for years. She's come on the "Save Our Beaches" demonstrations, and you've helped with "Save the Whales". It's too bad she bats for the other team.
  • Barb: is a truly bodacious chick. She kicks ass, looks great, and she has really new and interesting fashion taste. However, she hasn't responded to any of your lines, which is still cool.
  • Tori: is cute, but way too intense. You tested the waters last year when she moved here, and the tongue-piercing was impressive but she had too many negative vibes to hang out with.
  • Johnny: seems like a good kid. However, you can never quite understand what he's saying.
  • Max: talks a little more clearly, but he's also on the super-intense side. Last year's play was bitching, though.