Bill & Ted's Heinous Mission

This is a short adventure for the Paranoia RPG, which I have run for friends and at conventions. It was originally written for first edition Paranoia, but I have updated it for the 2004 edition, Paranoia XP.

For those who don't know, Paranoia is a hilarious RPG about a darkly humorous future where surviving humans are ruled by an insane computer. For my adventure, I mashed up a bunch of time-travel movies - starting from the premise that the dark future of Paranoia started because of the lack of the music of Wild Stallion (aka Bill and Ted).

         Welcome to Sector DMS (pronounced `dee-mess'). Here young clones go through their final training to be new workers and troubleshooters in Alpha Complex. Some of these require extra special attention, however, and those few are selected to help real troubleshooters on missions of grave importance. The lucky choices for this honor include:

Baiyk-R-DMS Male Power Services Equipment Guy
Braunoez-R-DMS Male Internal Security Loyalty Officer
Carakpot-R-DMS Female R&D Troubleshooter
Cheerleed-R-DMS Female CPU Hygiene Officer
Nerd-R-DMS Male PLC Communications & Recording Officer
Push-R-DMS Male HPD&MC Happiness Officer
Ressl-R-DMS Male Armed Forces Team Leader
Snob-R-DMS Male Technical Services Loyalty Officer


If you don't want to play it, here is my plot outline and prop sheet.


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