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Male PLC Communications & Recording Officer

Management 05
Bootlicking 09
Intimidation 01
Stealth 04 Violence 04
Energy Weapons 08
Hardware 09
Electronic Engineering 13
Mechanical Engineering 13
Vehicle Ops and Maintenance 01
Weapons and Armor Maintenance 01
Software 10
Data Analysis 14
Data Search 14
Operating Systems 01
Vehicle Programming 01
Wetware 08
Medical 12
Pharmatherapy 01

No one understands you. They call you a geek because you like to study and read. The thing is, that's where the power is. It's by reading about neurology that you realized what you were -- a true mutant, one of the transcendent few. You were smart enough to find a local representative of the Psions -- a trendy guy called Bow-I. He immediately knew that you were telling the truth. You and he shared a bond that normal humans couldn't understand -- but you're not in his league yet. But someday, you're going to show them all for stuffing you in that vat after you missed the Big Game.

Major: Production, Logistics, and Commissary

This is the really lousy part. You've been stuck in some remedial mission just because you skipped a bunch of phys ed classes. It's ridiculous. Once you get into the real PLC, then you'll start to control things. Who cares who's hand is on the trigger if you're the one who passes out the guns? Hah.

Mutant Power: Empathy, Paralyzer

Just by thinking, you have power over people. That's just how good your brain is. You can sense the emotions of other people nearby. You can also stun people into temporary immobility - but only within about arm's reach. It drains you for each round immobilized. To cover up this ability, you often will talk about really boring stuff and have the person blank out while you do.

Secret Society: Psion

(Degree: 2)
As the Psion member told you, true power comes from within -- inside the brain, that is. Humans with psionic powers are obviously the evolutionary superiors of normal humans, born out of the radioactive fires of the Whoops. Only you of this new wave of humanity will form the natural aristocracy who will inherit the future.
Secret Skills:
(Uncommon) Power Studies: 09
(Unlikely) Comic Book Trivia: 18
(Unhealthy) Twitchtalk: 08