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Male Power Services Equipment Guy

Management 04
Hygiene 01
Intimidation 08
Stealth 06
Disguise 01
Shadowing 10
Violence 10
Agility 01
Energy Weapons 14
Hand Weapons 14
Thrown Weapons 01
Vehicular Combat 14
Hardware 10
Habitat Engineering 01
Vehicle Ops and Maintenance 14
Software 06
Data Analysis 01
Vehicle Programming 10
Wetware 04

Let's face it: you were born to be bad. Of anyone in your class, you're the only one who can handle real power -- making vehiclebots go where you want them, tearing up the open corridor. Nobody else understands you: just Betty, the broken-down vehiclebot you are trying to repair (unsuccessfully as yet); and Mike, your black market combat knife.

Major: Power Services

Unfortunately, your grades have not reflected your true genius and potential. You want to be a Power Services Troubleshooter and go to where the action is, but they keep giving you these damn tests where you have to write.

Mutant Power: Mechanical Intuition

Anytime you get your hands on a machine, you just know how it's supposed to work. This applies to anything, no matter how obscure -- but it doesn't help you much with everyday bots and stuff. It usually takes you a few minutes, and sometimes it's not as specific as you would like. But you do it better than anyone you know.

Secret Society: Death Leopards

(Degree: 1)
The Death Leopards are dedicated to wrecking things, causing trouble, (secretly) defying the Computer, and moshing. Right now you're just a ``worm'' in your local gang, but you feel sure you're going to make it big someday. Your objectives: wreck things; have fun; cause trouble; have fun; be rebellious; have fun; mock the powerful; have fun; defy the Computer; have fun.
Secret Skills:
(Uncommon) Demolition: 10
(Unlikely) Partying: 8
(Unhealthy) Gambling: 4