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Male Armed Forces Team Leader

Management 08
Chutzpah 01
Con Games 01
Interrogation 12
Intimidation 12
Stealth 06
High Alert 10
Disguise 01
Violence 12
Demolition 01
Energy Weapons 16
Fine Manipulation 01
Hand Weapons 16
Unarmed Combat 17
Hardware 06
Bot Ops and Maintenance 01
Weapon and Armor Maintenance 10
Software 04 Wetware 04

You were born to be a leader, you can feel it. You've got the look, the body, the temperament. You are the lead player in all the junior troubleshooter sports, including that grab-and-pin sort of event. The only problem is that you have some trouble talking - convincing people is really tough, and so is actually deciding what to do. Luckily you have learned some stock phrases: "Do it or I'll beat you up!" "Go, go, go!" and more.

Major: Armed Forces

What you really want to be is an officer, a citizen among citizens. To have a Vulture Squadron at your command. The problem is that you can never seem to pass the interviews: the guys agree with everything you say when you're there, then for some reason they fail you. It's gotten so bad that they've put you into a remedial mission (whatever that is).

Mutant Power: Charm

Somehow people just seem to follow you around. As long as they're close to you, they listen to every word you say, even if it doesn't make any sense (and it usually doesn't). The problem is that as soon as they're out of reach, they wise up.

Secret Society: Free Enterprise

(Degree: 2)
Free markets are good. Getting rich is good. The Law of Supply and Demand provides a basis for regulating what the Computer does not. That's what the old guy told you. So, it's good to have money and cool stuff. You're still grasping at some of the numbers stuff, but your contacts say that you have a gift for marketing. You're not sure what to tell them yet, but you're sure you'll figure it out eventually.
Secret Skills:
(Uncommon) Haggling: 10
(Unlikely) Marketing: 15
(Unhealthy) Bribery: 03