Bill and Ted's Heinous Mission

This is primarily a straight-forward parody of lots of time-travel movies: notably Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure but also films like Back to the Future and Terminator 2. The plot centers on an accidental trip by Bill S. Preston (Esquire) and Ted Theodore Logan -- the young members of WILD STALLION.

Synopsis: B&T are kidnapped by Death Leopards after coming to the wrong future because the Computer was driven insane some time in the past. Eventually, they try to re-capture the two but they are rescued by the Terminator. They return with Marty McFly (whose Delaurian was stolen) to be re-briefed. They then go back in time to the birth of the Computer, and one of them gets to modify the Computer to the type of ...

Part One: Kidnapping

Part Two: Equipment

Part Three: First Contact

The MTL sector is where the transbot next takes them. They find themselves heading down a long corridor. Most of the citizens here appear to be Infrared. There are strange and loud sounds coming from several of the rooms, which you would guess to be caused by the violent dismantling of large comm units.

Note: If the PC's peek into any of these rooms, they will discover that the noise is in fact caused by the violent dismantling of large comm units.

Part Four: Re-briefing

Part Five: Back in Time


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