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Male Internal Security Loyalty Officer

Management 12
Bootlicking 16
Chutzpah 16
Intimidation 01
Moxie 01
Stealth 07
Concealment 01
Security Systems 01
Sneaking 11
Surveillance 11
Violence 07
Agility 11
Energy Weapons 11
Unarmed Combat 01
Hardware 04 Software 05
Hacking 01
Operating Systems 09
Wetware 05

The Computer is your friend. Life here isn't so bad, once you learn how things work. The way to get ahead is by licking boots and stabbing backs. And if that is the way of God, who are you to question it? You are aspiring to be the most successful, longest-lived Troubleshooter ever -- by doing they do best.

Major: Internal Security

Unfortunately, you mistimed things. In order to pass your Engineering class, you promised to go into Technical section, when you had already sworn up and down that you were an IntSec man. Both sides got a little peeved, and you were sent to a remedial mission.

Mutant Power: Uncanny Luck

You're not sure why, but when the really big trouble comes, you always manage to be on the right side of it. It's as if just before things go wrong, you get a sudden twitch pushing in the right way. It must be divine favor, you figure.

Secret Society: First Church of Christ Computer Programmer

(Degree: 1)
The Computer is God's vicar on the Earth, ordering our society. Deep within its software is the living word of God, and that programming is gradually evolving towards revealing that perfection. As you have learned the history, the roots of the Computer were created deep in the past at a place called Red Mont. A prophecy was delivered to this place, and from it the holy words of the Computer were first coded.
Secret Skills:
(Uncommon) Alpha Complex History: 13
(Unlikely) Priestly Skills: 3
(Unhealthy) Meeting Machine Empaths: 4