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Female CPU Hygiene Officer

Management 10
Con Games 14
Hygiene 14
Intimidation 01
Oratory 01
Stealth 04 Violence 07
Agility 11
Energy Weapons 11
Hand Weapons 11
Thrown Weapons 01
Vehicular Combat 01
Hardware 06
Software 06
Bot Programming 10
Vehicle Programming 01
Wetware 07
Suggestion 11
Outdoor Life 01

It is a cut-throat world out there, and you are determined to carve your chunk of it. What better way then by posing as airheaded and easily used? You instantly associate yourself with whichever side is strongest, cheering and admiring them for their beauty and power. If this means switching sides twice in a row for a fight... oh, well. It's just like, totally obvious that might is right.

Major: CPU

Of course, it helps that you are a genius in everything that matters (i.e. machines). You have aced all of your classes and are marked for direct contact with the Computer. Of course, a true genius has to hide this fact, or the jealous masses will try to destroy you. That is why you are hanging out among these clods, when in fact you are smarter, faster, and cuter than all of them.

It may happen that your true nature will shine through, but you are not worried. The masses are like sheep, you know. If you just flash your pretty smile at them, they will quickly forget that they caught you mercilessly gutting a prisoner.

Mutant Power: Electroshock

Your power is a sign that you are well attuned for machine conversion. You are extremely resistant to electrical shocks. And for a brief surge, you can deliver powerful shocks to a target within 5 meters of you. Occaisionally this goes awry in targetting, but it doesn't generally hurt you.

Secret Society: Corpore Metal

(Degree: 4)
The future is rapidly approaching, when the true uber-citizens will shine through and take control. The glorious Computer has shown that primitive biological intelligence will soon be obselete. You have taken a tiny first step in this evolution, by having your right hand replaced with an identical-looking bionic replacement. This is capable of a crushing grip, if only you can get close enough. Ultimately, you hope perfection can be reached when you can have a perfect robotic body.
Secret Skills:
(Uncommon) Cyborging: 16
(Unlikely) Botspotting: 09
(Unhealthy) Bioweapons: 11