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Male HPD&MC Happiness Officer

Management 08
Chutzpah 12
Hygiene 01
Moxie 12
Oratory 01
Stealth 10
Concealment 14
Surveillance 01
Violence 05
Energy Weapons 09
Hardware 05
Chemical Engineering 09
Mechanical Engineering 01
Software 04 Wetware 08
Bioweapons 01
Outdoor Life 01
Pharmatherapy 13
Suggestion 13

Well, happiness has to come from somewhere. You are just part of a universal movement to help spread this happiness, which is usually blue or green and in small pills. You suspect that in your last life you were a cruel tyrant, so now you try to be friendly to make up for it. Of course, sometimes you can't control your temper, and you feel sorry about what happens.

Major: HPD & Mind Control

Well, actually Mind Alteration is what it should be, but until you get to the point where everyone can share your vision, you'll call it by it's old name. The real problem is that these people just can't seem to chill. No one seemed to like your lava lamp science project -- and now they're sending you on some kind of remedial mission.

Mutant Power: Matter Eater

You are capable of safely digesting just about anything -- and even getting nourishment from it if has any organic material. Thus, you will blithely pop pills or swig chemicals to see what sort of kick they have. It can also be handy for getting rid of evidence: not only illegal pills but also beakers, burners, and other equipment.

Secret Society: Mystics

(Degree: 1)
Seek the Inner Light. Turn on. Tune in. Drop out. Don't worry. Be happy. Everywhere around there are people who share your vision, and they just help you. It's not a conspiracy, man, it's just an expanding wave of enlightenment.
Secret Skills:
(Uncommon) Drug Procurement: 15
(Unlikely) Meditation: 10
(Unhealthy) Old Reckoning Drugs: 02