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Male Technical Services Loyalty Officer

Management 04
Intimidation 01
Oratory 08
Stealth 08
Disguise 01
Security Systems 12
Violence 06
Energy Weapons 10
Hardware 09
Bot Ops and Maintenance 13
Chemical Engineering 01
Electronic Engineering 13
Vehicle Ops and Maintenance 01
Software 09
Bot Programming 13
Financial Systems 01
Operating Systems 13
Vehicle Programming 01
Wetware 04

Despite the best efforts of the Computer, not all troubleshooters were cloned equal. You just happen to have scraped together the best of the genes in the vat that day, because you can see what the others can't. The petty bourgeois of your Infrared class simply cannot see the obvious around them. They follow the Computer blindly, not seeing the ultimately nihilistic end that their ways will get them. You have given all the right answers at the tests, and give your praise to the Computer with a sneer, but privately you can see the flaws in the system.

Major: Technical Services

Ultimately, if change is going to come about, it will have to be through the technology around. Thus you signed up for Technical Services.

Mutant Power: Hypersenses

You can see what the mindless drones about you do not -- and hear the distant drums, and feel the shifting of the Earth, and so forth. In short, your senses can be turned up to an extreme degree, though this can sometimes be too much for you.

Secret Society: Communists

(Degree: 2)
Clearly given the dialectic imposed through the unequal division of Computer and human, the hegemonic power of the Computer is bound to fall. The only question is what form the Revolution will take. You have joined with those who want to help the pathetic slobs currently enslaved by the Computer, and eventually show them a glorious new communist era.
Secret Skills:
(Uncommon) Demolition: 10
(Unlikely) Tractor Maintenance: 15
(Unhealthy) Propaganda: 04