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Female Research & Design Troubleshooter

Management 05
Moxie 09
Intimidation 01
Stealth 08 Concealment 12
Disguise 01
High Alert 01
Sneaking 12
Violence 04
Energy Weapons 08
Hardware 09
Electronic Engineering 13
Mechanical Engineering 13
Vehicle Ops and Maintenance 01
Weapons and Armor Maintenance 01
Software 10
Data Analysis 14
Data Search 14
Operating Systems 01
Vehicle Programming 01
Wetware 04

You are always thinking new thoughts, ones a little different than those around you. In fact, many of them are REALLY different than those around you. You have been treated as an outcast by most of the other Infrareds in DMS. You are often making interesting drawings, sketches, or blueprints -- often outlandish ideas based on some things you've read. Your refuge has been the secret library of your friends.

Major: Research & Design

You've been assigned to R&D, mainly because there no one notices your weirdness rather than any particular aptitude in research. You have mainly been cleaning off unidentifiable goo, testing the inside of reactor shielding, and other odd jobs around the laboratories.

Mutant Power: Regeneration

Luckily for you, you seem to recover from injury very quickly -- you may go through clones less quickly than others, but only if you have a chance to recover.

Secret Society: Romantics

(Degree: 2)
It's in books that you have found the best ideas. You'll often talk about them as if everyone knows them. I guess the Force isn't with them. Others in the Romantics seek to recapture the historical glory of human culture from Old Reckoning times. You long to be in those times, when marvelous ideas would come straight to you in a magical device called "tee-vee".
Secret Skills:
(Uncommon) Archival Studies: 15
(Unlikely) Knitting: 05
(Unhealthy) Old Reckoning Culture: 09