RPG Theory Glossary: T

Task resolution
A technique in which the resolution mechanisms of play focus on within-game cause, in linear in-game time, in terms of whether the acting character is competent to perform a task. Contrast with Conflict resolution.
Threefold Model
A concept which arose in discussion on the forum rec.games.frp.advocacy around May to August of 1997. The name was coined by Mary Kuhner, in a July 1997 post. It suggested a three-way split of role-playing styles: Dramatism, Simulationism, and Gamism.
The Threefold Model
A term coined by M.J. Young on The Forge for a style of play where the GM marks out a potentially interesting storyline, but allows the players to ignore it and instead go elsewhere.
Does module play equal Participationism?
An account of the imaginary events of play without reference to any role-playing procedures. A transcript may or may not be a story.
Within GNS theory, changing from one Creative Agenda to another through the course of play. This is distinct from Drift in that it is in principle supported by the rules rather than requiring changing them. The game Scattershot was designed with Transition in mind. The term was coined by Scattershot author Fang Langford.
Transitioning to Gamism
About what Scattershot's about (GNS yipyap included)
Simulationism: The Right to Dream
Narrativism: Story Now
Rules design that does not call attention to the rules in operation. In general, it suggests rules that are intuitive, though different people may find different systems intuitive. It is generally considered a problematic term on The Forge.
Transparency again
Turku role-playing
A mode of play first presented as a manifesto by role-players in Turku, Finland. They call for in-character feeling and thinking to be given the highest priority, to such an extent that even communicating the experience to others is secondary. Within GNS terminology, this could be described as: Simulationism, Character Exploration, mainly Drama or low Points-of-Contact Fortune mechanics, highly reinforced through an explicit Social Contract.
Turku School Archive
LARP manifesting
Dogma 99
A term from Ron Edwards' Gamism essay for conflict among PCs, short for "Turnin' on each other".
Gamism: Step On Up
Typhoid Mary
A term from Ron Edwards' Narrativism essay for GMs who railroad in the name of "a better story". The GM is trying to address Premise in a Narrativist manner, but is actually undercutting the Narrativist priority.
Narrativism: Story Now

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