RPG Theory Glossary: U

A term coined by Ron Edwards on The Forge for a technique of preparation and play using a canonical setting and storyline, known to all participants, in which the events of play create a "hidden" storyline to enrich and reinforce the primary one, which is treated as a creative constraint. Also called "inverse metaplot."
Metaplots, railroading, and settings
Open/closed setting (Pyron's woes take 165)
General term for an RPG system intended for multiple settings. The difference between a "universal system" (like GURPS) and a "house system" (like Storyteller) is largely one of publishing -- i.e. do you publish core rules and then modifications to those, or do you publish tailored rule sets with the modifications already applied? This can be a controversial topic on The Forge.
universal vs specific systems
General views on Universal systems?

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