RPG Theory Glossary: E

As Character Components, any quantities used to determine success or extent of an action. In other words, attributes and skills, and many advantages and disadvantages which modify rolls. It does not include things like drama points or hit points that are spent as a result of actions. Term coined by Ron Edwards in his Gamism essay.
Gamism: Step On Up
Egri, Lajos
The author of "The Art of Dramatic Writing" (1946) and "The Art of Creative Writing". An inspiration for the definition of GNS Narrativism. See Premise.
El Dorado
A term coined by Paul Czege for searching for a simulation-like system which will support GNS Narrativism without breaking suspension of disbelief. Since then, other have used it to mean Transition from Simulationist to Narrativist play without noticeable Drift in the rules-use.
Simulationism and Narrativism under the same roof
El Dorado
Term invented by Scarlet Jester on the Gaming Outpost as part of GENder Theory, and adopted by The Forge. Broadly speaking, this is the process of establishing fictional events interactively -- i.e. the central process of role-playing. The act of exploration creates a diegesis or Shared Imaginary Space. It can be subdivided into components. Scarlet Jester suggested three components: Character, Setting, and Situation. Ron Edwards suggests five: the previous three plus System and Color.
The Threefold Model
GNS and Other Matters of Role-playing Theory

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