RPG Theory Glossary: V

An obselete Forge term for game-play in which the GNS mode is easily-accessible and requires few if any complex rules-techniques -- as opposed to Pervy. This was more generally expressed by the idea of Points of Contact, which concerns the degree to which System is explored.
Vanilla and Pervy
Pervy in my head
Vanilla Narrativism
Narrativist play without notable use of the following techniques: Director Stance, atypical distribution of GM tasks, verbalizing the Premise in abstract terms, overt rules concerning narration, and improvised additions to the setting or situations. People who typically play in this fashion often fail to recognize themselves as Narrativists.
Abashed Vanilliaism
Dramatism as Vanilla Narrativism
Vanilla Narrativism
A term coined by Ben Lehman on The Forge for "the quality of unity and robustness of the shared imagined space, manifest in both in John Kim's descriptions of RGFA Simulationism and in the structures of Universalis." This is considered essentially a synonym for the original meaning of Simulationism within the Threefold Model.
Subtyping Sim
Virtuality and Ouija Boards

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