RPG Theory Glossary: W

One of the four Blacow Player Types which was adopted by Robin Laws as one of his seven types, renamed the "Tactician". This type of player mainly wants to think his way through complex tactical problems. This is similar to the concept of the Gamist mode of play.
Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering
Player Types (from Glen Blacow and Robin D. Laws)
Within GNS Narrativist play, a GM technique of bringing NPC activities closer to the player-characters and to introduce multiple responses among NPC and player-character actions. Coined by Ron Edwards in the "Sex & Sorcery" supplement for Sorcerer.
A term coined by John Kim on The Forge and prior discussion. This is one of two types of power gamers, the other being a "rules-lawyer". A wheedler gets his way by directly influencing the GM and other players -- often by packaging personal power with what the GM wants.
Conflict Resolution and Gamism
Whiff Factor
The effect of a high failure-rate for a given Resolution mechanic, especially when the rate does not accord with the character's expected competence.
Within GNS Gamist play, a dysfunctional form of Gamism characterized by poor sportsmanship -- i.e. the unwillingness to accept a loss.

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