RPG Theory Glossary: N

Narrative Stance Model
This is the term for a model originally proposed by Kevin Hardwick on rgfa in July 1995. It proposes four 'Narrative Stances', namely: in-character, audience, actor, and director (which was later re-named "author").
Kevin Hardwick's "Narrative and Style"
John Kim's rgfa FAQ, Part 0
One of the three modes (or Creative Agendas) of the GNS Model, defined as play "in which Premise is addressed through play". It's defining phrase is Story Now.
GNS and Other Matters of Role-playing Theory, Chapter Five
Narrativism: Story Now
No Myth of Reality
A term coined by Fang Langford on The Forge (often simply "No Myth") for a style of play where all setting and situation are left undefined until necessary for the story. i.e. There are no maps, but rather places are invented when needed for the storyline. Instead of background, play is guided by genre expectations.
I Have Seen El Dorado!
No Myth playing
No Myth PCs

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