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The Manifest
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Vow of Chastity


The Turku School

Welcome to the web pages of the Turku School of roleplaying. Here you can see the entire infamous Manifest of the Turku School published for the first time in an electronic forum January 16th, 2001.

All text on this page has been written by Mike Pohjola, the head agitator of the Turku School.

Foreword for the 2000 original paper version
Foreword for the 2001 web publication

The Manifest of the Turku School
I: RPGs and roleplaying
II: The styles: Good and Bad
III: Roleplaying as art
IV: The cause
V: The absolute rule of the game master
VI: The relationships between Turku and the opposing schools

The Larper's Vow of Chastity, Turku 1999

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