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Vow of Chastity


The absolute rule of the game master

The role-playing game is the game masters creation, to which he lets the players enter. The game world is the game master’s, the scenario is the game master’s, the characters (being a part of the game world) are the game master’s. The players' part is to get inside their character's head in the situation where the game begins and by eläytyminen try to simulate its actions.

The object of the player should be to obey the game master’s every wish concerning the style of play. This does not mean that the game master should tell the players what their characters should do. When it comes to the things that have to do with the game, the game master has the ultimate ruling power. Not the enjoyability of the gaming session, not cell phones, not hunger, not anything. Sometimes it might be fun to do something that is not in strict accordance with the character, but - unless the GM has specifically asked you to do so - THAT IS FORBIDDEN.

The player’s position in an RPG session is further elaborated in the following Player’s Vow of Chastity.