The Land Which Time Forgot

     This is a Hero system scenario, originally intended as a one-shot to be run at conventions and the like. It is a South-Seas pulp adventure, inspired by various serials and by the old Daredevils game. The introductory blurb is as follows:

Tune in next week, for...

     After escaping from Japanese occupied China, our heroes regroup in exotic Indonesia. But soon, their shadowy benefactor - Mr. Black - informs them that Amelia Earhart - the famous American aviator - has mysteriously dissappeared while flying from New Guinea to Howland Island.

     While the Navy searches below, our heroes take to the sky in the trusty Bluebird to join in their efforts. Soon, they will face perils from beyond time on a South Seas ISLAND OF TERROR.

     In their exotic travels, they have faced the terrible Yeti of Tibet, and the sinister thugees of India. But now they face monsters from a forgotten age: the unstoppable TRICERATOPS, the fierce PTERODON, and the invincible TYRANNOSAURUS! Can they survive? Will even greater peril threaten them as the unlock the secrets of this lost world?

     Find out next time, on...TALES OF ADVENTURE!

The Cast

     Below are the pre-made characters for the adventure. I don't have their character sheets nicely laid out online currently.

Captain Roger Munroe, Soldier of Fortune Background Stats
Dr. Aaron Maxwell, Jungle Doctor Background Stats
Geoffrey Hayden, the Great White Hunter Background Stats
Paula Carter, the Rugged Explorer Background Stats
Lin Chu-Kheng, the Chinese Agent Background Stats
Gadura, the Malaysian Mammoth Background Stats

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