Dr. Aaron Maxwell, Jungle Doctor

     Aaron Maxwell grew up in New York, and later studied medicine in Chicago in order to become an optometrist. However, a holiday trip to Indonesia accidentally put him in the midst of Dr. Remoux's hideous plan to test infernal devices on natives whom he had captured. Dr. Maxwell led the tribe in resisting Remoux and his thugs - and they were joined by Captain Munroe's crack team. Charged with G-Ray energy collected from his unculator, Dr. Remoux escaped - but the natives he was experimenting on were saved.

     Thrust into this situation, he found his place among the native people of Indonesia, bringing the wonders of modern medicine to the tribes. But more than a healer he was an observer and advisor who would lend his help in many ways in the strange events that followed.

     Later, Captain Munroe invited Aaron to join the team, and he accepted. He has respect for the Captain as well as concern, which often do not go over well with the hardened soldier. He has prescribed a pair of spectacles for Munroe's developing myopia, but the Captain often doesn't wear them for some reason.

Skills: Aaron is invaluable as a doctor, and has a cunning facility with imitating languages and voices (although the Malay of the giant Gadura is not among them). More surprisingly, his hobby with target pistols combined with his surgical precision and keen eyesight make him a crack shot. His sharp thinking has also often suggested a plan that standard military strategy might overlook.

Description: The Doctor's sharp eyes stand out as his prominent feature. He has a rather boyish face, along with a somewhat deceptively meagre frame.