Gadura, the Malaysian Mammoth

     Gadura was a noble member of a native Malaysian community, ordered by his king to serve Captain Munroe when Munroe recovered the Emerald Tiger and brought its thief to justice. Within his own people, he was held in awe for his size and strength, of course, but he was also affable, and known for his story-telling.

     However, his English remains very halting. Thus, among Westerners he often communicates more thru gesture than thru words. The only one who understands Malay is Miss Carter. With her, he shares a camaraderia that is friendly, although not romantic (thus far).

Skills: Gadura is a skilled fighter and a sharp thinker, although this is limited by his background. While not completely backwards, his family did resist Western influence. Thus, while he understands guns, boats, and motors, he is still ignorant of other bits of Western culture and technology. Also, he is so muscular and dense that he has trouble staying afloat.

Description: A towering 6'8'' tall and massively muscled. In the face of danger he wears a rigid expression and unblinking stare. However, among his friends he is smiling more often than not.