Paula Carter, the Rugged Explorer

     Paula Haggard is a tough and rugged explorer who joined the group as they investigated the secret lair of Deeli Sol, and proved herself in the fight against the terrible Yeti.

     She is the daughter of Adrian Carter, the noted explorer, and grew up under his occaisional supervision in the mountains of Tibet. While there was an English schoolhouse, she never had much interest in it and spent most of her time on the streets. Thus she remains ignorant about much of the civilized world (particularly geography).

     Professor Carter mysteriously disappeared shortly before the first Yeti attack. While the team were able to drive them off by destroying the Cold Crystal, her father was never found. With Captain Munroe's grudging permission, Mr. Black invited her to join the team where she has ever since followed tantalizing clues about her father's fate.

     Paula has become quite attached to the group with some exceptions. She has a familiar camaraderie with Gadura, the Malaysian giant who has hidden depths. However, she has a tendency to always plant her foot firmly in her mouth in conversation. She is somewhat sensitive about seeming too loud, but subtlety is at odds with her usual habits.

Skills: Miss Carter is an extraordinary mountaineer, a strong swimmer, a skilled naturalist, and can ably defend herself with her hefty walking stick.

Description: Paula is raven-haired and small but extremely fit in body. Her natural beauty is somewhat hidden by her rough manners and men's clothes, but it shows thru enough that foolish opponents often underestimate her formidable nature.