Geoffrey Hayden, the Great White Hunter

     Geoffrey Hayden grew up in exile on an Australian ranch. His father was a British earl, framed for murdering his wife and transported to avoid scandal. He grew up riding with ranch hands and wrestling crocs, with a thin veneer of English civilization over him instilled by his bitter father.

     Geoffrey naturally took to big game hunting, and after the death of his father it became a full-time obsession. When hired to acquire a red ape of Mangamaka, he became embroiled in espionage which led to his contact with the United States. There, he was recruited by the mysterious Mr. Black to work with Captain Munroe and his team of adventurers in the South Seas.

     In some ways he has the worst of both worlds: the rough manners of the Outback together with the arrogance of English aristocracy. However, he is courageous in battle, totally loyal to his friends, and scrupulously honorable. He also hates the Japanese with a passion, both as a nation and as a race.

Skills: A natural outdoorsman, Hayden is a master tracker and hunter. He can hide in any terrain. He also has some training as a boxer, although he sometimes feel this is beneath him.

Description: Geoffery has a tall, tan, and lean frame which an aristocratic bearing that is betrayed by his sometimes crude speech. His face is rather handsome along with his sandy brown hair.