Lin Chu-Kheng, the Chinese Agent

     Lin Chu-Kheng is a secret agent in China for the United States, working with the team on orders of her agency. While born in China, she grew up from age 10 on the streets of San Francisco after her poor but honest family moved there to escape the chaos in their native land. A few years later, her youthful curiosity led her to saving a local policeman from the machinations of a triad gang.

     A year later, she was contacted by an secret agency dedicated to bringing peace and democratic self-rule to his native China, which was organized in the United States, and supported by factions unknown. She was trained in martial arts, disguise, and other skills to serve their cause. From a plucky girl on the streets, she was transformed into a sophisticated agent, able to blend in as a serving girl or a socialite with equal skill.

     Two years ago, she was ordered to join Captain Munroe and his team, and has remained with them. However, she still occaisionally gets coded orders from the agency, and is always on the lookout for her cause. She believes that Mr. Black is secretly a financial supporter of her cause, but occaisionally she has twinges of doubt, and thinks that perhaps she was assigned to the team to spy on them, monitoring Mr. Black's activities.

Skills: Lin is an accomplished acrobat and actress. Given her height, race, and sex, there are limits to her disguises. However, she is more than capable of never being recognized twice. She is trained in forgery, lockpicking, and martial arts as well.

Description: Lin can appear as anything from a humble laundry worker to a sophisticated oriental lady. With the team, though, she commonly wear a simple blue silk outfit and has her hair tied back in a long braid. She is slim and well-built, with a practiced grace to all her motions.