Captain Roger Munroe, Soldier of Fortune

     Captain Roger Munroe is the leader of the group, funded by the mysterious Mr. Black to solve problems in the South Seas. In general, they often look after American interests, and in cooperation with the agencies and embassies. However, it has become clear to Roger that Mr. Black is not with the government, but has aims of his own.

     Munroe was born in Arizona, but he grew up on the streets of San Francisco. He joined the Army the first chance he got, in 1912. He served with distinction in the Great War as a pilot, destroying 4 enemy planes before being shot down over Germany. He fought his way out from behind enemy lines, capturing 9 soldiers along the way. Since then, he has conducted Army surveys in Africa and the South Seas, earning an incredible reputation for his exploits.

     If he has a weakness, it is pride. The Captain is loathe to admit his flaws -- especially anything to do with his age. He has a mild nearsightedness that is getting worse. Dr. Bernstein has prescribed a pair of ridiculous-looking spectacles for it, but while he needs them for flying, he hates to be seen with them.

Skills: The Captain is an excellent pilot and soldier. He is strong in tactics and in sneaking into position. When close in, his fighting style is brutal and effective.

Description: While his age concerns him, the slight gray at his temples mainly just puts a distinguished air to his powerful frame. Roger is square-jawed and stern-looking, with cropped blonde hair. He generally goes well-equipped, with his rifle and pack never far from his grasp.