Truth & Justice: Characters

Original Sample Characters

These are sample characters I made as my test of the system.

The Runaways

Nico Minoru
The daughter of dark wizards, Nico carries the mystical "Staff of One," which allows her to cast spells, although she apparently can never use the same one twice. In the second series, she leads the group.
Gertrude Yorkes
The daughter of time-traveling criminals, Gert owns a genetically engineered deinonychus named "Old Lace", with whom she has an empathic bond.
Molly Hayes
The 12-year-old daughter of evil mutants, Molly possesses super-strength and invulnerability, but often becomes extremely fatigued after exerting herself.
Karolina Dean
The daughter of alien invaders, Karolina can fly and manipulate solar energy. She is engaged to a gender-bending Skrull named Xavin.
Chase Stein
The son of mad scientists, Chase uses high-tech gadgets stolen from his parents and pilots the group's ship, the "Leapfrog".
Victor Mancha
The cyborg son of the robotic Avengers foe Ultron, Victor has electromagnetic powers. In a possible future, he destroys the Earth's superheroes.
The son of alien warlords, Xavin is a young Super-Skrull-in-training bethrothed to Karolina by their parents. Because of Karolina's sexuality, he changes into a female form for her.

Marvel A to Z

This is from DaDiceGuy's ASMP LJ Entries where he did a series of adaptations of Marvel characters for each letter from A to Z -- plus a few extras.


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