Crystal HERO

Name: Christine Gale

Background: Christine grew up in a small town in central California with her younger brother Nat (now Nature Boy). Their parents were hippies who believed in all sorts of New Age fads, and they grew up happy (if somewhat flaky). She went to college at UC Davis, she excelled at the sciences while still never abandoning her New Age roots -- though it caused some tension. In her junior year she started dating a graduate student, Rowan Ralston. The next year, her brother Nat also came to Davis as a freshman. He was visiting them at the laboratory when the fateful accident occured which created Crystal, Nature Boy, Spark, and Quicksilver.

Motivation: Protect the innocent and especially Nat.

Qualities: Good [+2] Science nerd, Good [+2] Fast, Expert [+4] Watchful, Good [+2] Organized, Poor [-2] Overprotective

Origin: bathed in radiation from a laboratory accident

Powers: Expert [+4] Invisibility, Average [+0] Super-Strength, Average [+0] Body of Crystal


Hero Point Pool: 5/10