Nature Boy HERO

Name: Nathaniel Gale

Background: Nat grew up in a small town in central California with his older sister Christine (now Crystal). Their parents were hippies who believed in all sorts of New Age fads, and they grew up happy (if somewhat flaky). Whereas his sister was the nerdy sibling, he was the flaky artist and activist. Eventually, by good luck more than anything else, he went to college at UC Davis as a freshman when she was a senior. He was visiting her at her boyfriend's work at a laboratory when the fateful accident occured which created Nature Boy as well as Crystal, Spark, and Quicksilver.

Motivation: Save the whales and everything else

Qualities: Expert [+4] Flaky artist, Expert [+4] Intuitive biology, Good [+2] Tai Kwan Do, Poor [-2] New Age nut

Origin: bathed in radiation from a laboratory accident

Powers: Master [+6] Shapeshifting (meta-power)


Hero Point Pool: 5/10