Quicksilver HERO

Name: Charles Quentin

Background: Charles was the son of rich parents in the Bay Area. He grew up in a liberal priviledged lifestyle, and eventually went to UC Davis. There he met a brilliant scientist, Rowan Ralston, and they became good friends. He was helping him out on a fateful day when a laboratory accident bathed them both (along with Rowan's girlfriend and her brother) with mysterious radiation that gave them powers. Charles gained a semi-liquid metallic body which could imitate other substances. Further, he found he could draw powers out from others.

Motivation: Protect his friends

Qualities: Expert [+4] Athletic; Good [+2] Perceptive; Expert [+4] Priviledged/Connected, Poor [-2] Arrogant

Origin: bathed in radiation from a laboratory accident

Powers: Good [+2] Body of Quicksilver, Good [+2] Super-speed, Good [+2] Power Theft


Hero Point Pool: 5/10