Spark HERO

Name: Rowan Ralston

Background: Rowan was a brilliant young man who grew up with working class parents in a suburb of Seattle. He eventually went to college in Oregon, then to graduate school at UC Davis. At 24, he already had a Master's in was already near to completing his PhD. There he fell in love with an undergraduate woman, Christine Gale. He was with her, her brother, and his friend Charles Quentin -- showing them his experiment when an accident bathed them all in mysterious radiation.

Motivation: Prove his worth by making the world a better place

Qualities: Master [+6] Scientist, Good [+2] Intuition, Good [+2] Tough, Poor [-2] Absent-minded

Origin: bathed in radiation from a laboratory accident

Powers: Good [+2] Super-gadgeteer, Good [+2] Energy Control, Average [+0] Invulnerability, Average [+0] Bolt of Electricity


Hero Point Pool: 5/10