RPG Company List: D6

AntiPaladin Games
Louisville, KY (USA)
Small-press makers of the universal system Mini Six (2009). The imprint of authors Phil Morris and Ray Nolan.
Final Sword Productions
Small-press makers of the Dead Night of Space RPG line using the D6 system for a space-faring science fiction game, in cooperation with West End Games, slated for release in March 2003. By Scott Palter, with additional material by Ron Seiden, Marino Panzanelli, and Ron Fricke
Joc Internacional
Matas Salla prf 7831 SAN 003-7729 (Spain)
Makers of Spanish-language RPGs including Aquelarre and Oráculo. They also published Spanish-language editions of Call of Cthulhu (along with many modules), RuneQuest, Star Wars D6, Paranoia, Pendragon, Stormbringer, In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas, Nephilim, and Rolemaster. Around 1994 they encountered economic difficulties and eventually folded.
West End Games
PO Box 657, Sadsburyville, PA 19369 (USA)
Former makers of the Star Wars RPG (D6 system), along with Hercules and Xena, Torg, Paranoia, Ghostbusters, Shatterzone, and the Masterbook system (including numerous worldbooks). Founded around 1983 or so. In 1999, they underwent bankruptcy, after losing the "Star Wars" license. They then merged with "Yeti", a French graphics design house working in books, cartoons, and multimedia. Yeti produced a number of choose-your-own-ending books and expanded its games production. The combined company is called "D6Legend, Inc." and is a part of Humanoids Publishing. "West End Games" remains a brand name for the new company. They have since released the DC Universe RPG and the Metabarons RPG (based on a French sci-fi comic book).
Wicked North Games, L.L.C.
Small press makers of games using the OpenD6 initiative, including settings such as Azamar, Clandestine, Descension, and Westward. Founded by J. Elliot Streeter and Brett M. Pisinski. Others include Nikki O'Shea (Lead Technical Artist and Designer), Paige McKee (Lead Layout Artist and Designer), Ray Biondi (Games Testing Lead and QA/QC Consultant), and Jared Tuveson (Lead Artifact Artist and Designer).

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