RPG Company List: BESM

Guardians of Order
PO Box 25016, 370 Stone Rd, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4T4 (Canada)
Makers of the "generic" Japanese anime RPG Big Eyes, Small Mouth and numerous related games: Silver Age Sentinels, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, El-Hazard, Silver Age Sentinels (2002), and others. Founded in 1997 by Mark C. MacKinnon, it specialized in authorized Japanese anime Ultimate Fan Guides and cinematic role-playing games. Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario. Based in Guelph, Ontario. In 1999, they acquired Event Horizons Publications along with EHP's RPG lines. In 2002, they announced a new imprint called "Magnum Opus" for the publication of RPGs for creative partners, starting with three companies: La Mancha Games, Phile, Primal Utterings. In July 2006, Mark MacKinnon announced that they were ceasing operations.
La Mancha Games
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Intended makers of the unpublished technothriller RPG entitled Fourth Millenium. It is created by James Maliszewski and Kevin Brennan, with editting by Michelle Lyons et al. It was to be published in conjunction with Guardians of Order as part of their "Magnum Opus" imprint. The game was previewed in the Winter 2004 Issue of Daedalus. As of 2008, Fourth Millenium is set to be published by Rogue Games.
Small-press makers of the upcoming "Swords, Hearts, and Flowers: The Art of Shoujo" RPG sourcebook. This is a guide for incorporating Shoujo (young girl) elements into any RPG campaign, by Genevieve R. Cogman and Alex Williams. Releasing in late 2002 in conjunction with Guardians of Order via their "Magnum Opus" imprint.

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