RPG Company List: Action

Alternate Realities Publications
Small-press company, makers of The World of Barador RPG, and the supplement "Big Bang: The Mostly Illustrated RPG Guide to Firearms" for various RPG systems, as well as various D20 products, paper miniatures, and an upcoming new Cyberpunk genre RPG. Founded in 1995 for producing the Barador RPG, published in 1998.
Azathot, LLC
Small-press makers of the universal RPG system, A Fistful Of Dice and the upcoming science fiction RPG "Gravity Point" (using the Action! System from Gold Rush Games. Founded by Judas I. Zeh and his brother BradZ.
Battlefield Press
627 Macarthur St, Bossier City, LA 71111 (USA)
Small-press makers of the Luftwaffe 1946 RPG, Eric Flint's 1632 Resource Guide and Role Playing Game, and the superhero rules system Beyond Mortal Men (by Christopher Helton). All three are based on Gold Rush Games Action! system. In addition, they publish a number of 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20") adventures and supplements, including "Cityscape" (2002) and the upcoming "Sherwood" and "Pulp Fantasy". Founded in 2001 by editor Jonathan M. Thompson with authors B.L. Sisemore and Adam R. Thompson.
Comstar Media, LLC
Salem, OR (USA)
A publishing company with a gaming division, "Comstar Games". Makers of the anthropomorphic animal game, Kevin & Kell Roleplaying Game (2005), Combat!: A Military Action Game (2005), and the mecha anime game Mecha Aces (2006). The publishing house was founded in 2004 by William and Jennifer Andersen and Jack R. Reynolds.
Firefly Games
4514 Marconi Ave. #3, Sacramento, CA 95821 (USA)
Small-press makers of Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat; distributed by Gold Rush Games. Founded by Patrick Sweeney in January 2002. Products are distributed under agreement by Gold Rush Games and fulfilled by Tundra Sales Organization.
Gold Rush Games
PO Box 2531, Elk Grove, CA 95759-2531 (USA)
Small-press makers of Sengoku and Usagi Yojimbo RPGs (using the Fuzion system), as well as supplements for Champions and other games. Founded by Mark Arsenault in 1992 as M.T.A. Graphics, producing "The Gamer's Connection" (TGC) magazine. In 1997 they signed licensing agreements with Propaganda Publishing and Black Gate Publishing. In 2002, they adopted The Action! System as their house system, makings its content open, and encouraged other companies to build setting-specific games and supplements using the system. In July 2006, president Mark Arsenault announced that GRG had been "relegated to a part-time venture." In September 2007, their website closed down.
Infinite Realities
Small-press makers of electronically-published adventures for the Action! System, from Gold Rush Games. The adventures are set in two settings: "Insomnia", a covert ops / paramilitary setting; and "Shukuen", a semi-historical feudal Japanese setting. Founded by Aaron Newlands and Jeff Alberts.
Inklings Press
Madison, WI (USA)
Small-press makers of the upcoming (in 2004) "Dark Knowledge" RPG of horror and the supernatural, which is slated to use the "Action! System" from Gold Rush Games. Founded by Dan Norder.
Seraphim Guard
Portland, OR (USA)
Small-press makers of HeartQuest: Romantic Anime Role-Playing in the World of Shoujo Manga (2002). Founded by Michael Hopcroft with "Bob" and Laura Block. In 2005 they merged with Domibia Games, with the principles being Tim Huntley, William Andersen, and Michael Hopcroft.

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