My Player Characters

     Out of my own personal curiousity, I've made the following as a list of all of the player-characters that I have played in extended campaigns. It is of interest to me (and perhaps a few others) as a look at patterns in my character design. The following is from most recent to earliest.

A PC from a Call of Cthulhu campaign. He was originally a pregenerated character from the Masks of Nyarlathotep.
A scholar and traveling historian in fantasy version of Russia, based on Naomi Novik's novel Uprooted and using the Archipelago system. He was traveling with a tax collector's caravan to collect folk stories to document - while also learning about mythic magic.
Jory Rigby
An impulsive engineer in a collectively-created magical steampunk world, using the FATE system. He had a tricky-to-use shapechange ability from exposure to a magic weapon when he was young. We had a stable of pegasuses in our airship, and I decided as a nod to Loki myths that he was accidentally the parent of a one of them.
A character in a Mutant: Year Zero using the Slave role - a slave owned by another PC. He ended up first with the Acid Spit mutation with random roll, and during the game coincidentally got the Insect Wings mutation by another roll. After this point, he tried to be called "Blow Fly" instead, but continued to be called Maggot.
A silver-tongued warlock in a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. She was a half-elven noble, whose family had dark secrets connecting to the cult, and she tried to save her family name.
Montgomery-Emerson Prator-Fisk
A former mercenary airship captain in the steampunk period of the GURPS Haven fantasy campaign. He was a proud halfling, convinced of the story that halflings are descended from aliens who had come to save the world.
Thokk the Holy
A zealous half-orc cleric in a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He had the mannerisms of a born-again Southern preacher, with the tag line of whether someone had "seen the light". He had grown up in the dragon cult that the PCs were fighting, and had the overbearing manners of a zealous convert.
Lila Clark
A semi-criminal bar hostess in a Call of Cthulhu campaign, with a secret background as a Voudoun practitioner.
Ufthak Draper
An upper-class orcish arms merchant in a GURPS Fantasy campaign, GURPS Haven. One of the things that struck me about the background was how orcs were part of regular society, and in particular they were the majority of merchants in the city of Haven. It was a high-power game when I joined, so I made him as an arms merchant, carouser, secret magician, and fencer. He had a particular talent in object-related spells (Making and Breaking) that he used to enhance the weapons and armor he sold.
A thief character from a Dungeon World campaign. He was a greedy, chaotic bastard - who claimed that he was a very tall halfling, although really he was a very short human. His backstory was that in search of fame in the city of Tennish, he stole the Duke of Tennish's elevator shoes - and was subsequently run out of town.
Rico Bertolini
A gangster character in a Call of Cthulhu campaign, who became motivated that there was no way these creatures from beyond were going to start muscling in on human turf.
Izolda Yvandar
A guilt-ridden cleric from the Kingdom of Colrona, who had been a missionary to the island of Hekuba. Prior to the game, she became involved in a series of events that lead to the island blowing up - after which she was haunted by the guilt over that destruction.
A daring and excessively gregarious swashbuckling mouse. Trevor's main belief was "Every mouse is my friend, or potential friend." He was a carouser and a romantic, and a daring fighter.
Henrik Mueller
A German expatriate artist in a long-running Call of Cthulhu campaign. Henrik had been living in England for several years at the start of 1931, making a living doing book illustrations - mainly archeological texts. He since took up with an occult group, the Farquellians, intent on preventing the end of the world. He is haunted by his past, having dropped out of high school to volunteer in WWI. At present, he is struggling with his Catholic faith, though largely happy in his recent marriage to Rebecca Mueller (nee Hopkins).
Stuart Pickering aka "Rocky"
A werewolf and drummer in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse campaign, "Werewolves of London." He was a decent artist, but more an advocate for the real creative minds of the band with bulldog-like tenacity. In the band's early days, he got them gigs by wheedling venues - and later tried to hold the group together.
Manfred Flachsbart
A gay Nazi officer in the Amber: Shadow of a Doubt campaign. Within the alternate history, he was an Oberleutnant working as a supply officer within occupied England. He kept his homosexuality hidden from the Germans, and worked with the resistance. During the campaign he discovered his Amberite heritage and walked a thin line between Amber and Chaos during the Patternfall War.
An ambitious young man in the Kingdom of Melderyn on Hârn in The Glooming Isle campaign. He was born a serf but with his exceptional talent is now a Satia Mavari (journeyman wizard) within the Guild of Arcane Lore. He was a nominal but believing Peonian at the start (the gentle Earth goddess religion), but later converted to the more militant religion of Larani.
A young Beorning woman in Middle Earth around the time of the War of the Ring, from Lord of the Rings: The Northern Shadow campaign. She is of the clan of Beorn's wife, and studies the magic of beasts.
Dorothy Comisky (aka Dot)
A 23-year-old web designer in Silicon Valley and reluctant Slayer, the original center of the Silicon Valley Slayage campaign. After months of being a secret crush, she eventually hooked up with Max, the lesbian computer programmer and witch in the company. During Season Two, they decided to have a child together conceived by magical means, who was born in Season Three.
Baraud Valain
A priest of Agrik in the Kingdom of Rethem, from the Hârn: Cuthren Village campaign. Baraud is a priest of Agrik, a god often viewed as evil, but he genuinely sees fairness and wisdom in the church. He also secretly believes in a mystical and sexually perverse splinter sect to his church, the Order of Eight Demons.
Silver Dragon
A man who could change into a full-sized dragon, from the Champions: The New Millenium campaign. He kept his human form a secret even from his fellow superheroes, as part of protecting his family.
Bruno Gambino
An ambitious young man looking to rise within his violent mercantile family. From the Gambino Campaign. He is a Ranger/Sorcerer in D&D3, and a quite diverse warrior.
Rado e-Famaky the Redleg
A tough warrior goblin, from the Mahalala campaign. He is a ronin and a womanizer in a militant matriarchal society.
Sarken the Wanderer
An inscrutable, spry-looking old man who had been a popular folk hero in his time, from the Earth-Realm campaign. In fact, though, he was an imposter who took on the identity of the old man he knew.
Nathan Love
A black cowboy in the American West of 1876 and a flamboyant star of rodeo tricks (lasso tricks, wild horse riding, shooting), from the GURPS "Dollar for the Dead" mini-campaign. Born a slave in Tennessee in 1854, Love moved to Dodge City after emancipation at age 16 and became a cowboy. He has pushed hard to excel at rodeo skills. At 22, he tries to maintain a "tough guy" image -- but he can't stand really hurting horses, can't hold his alcohol, and enjoys reading penny dreadfuls more than carousing. Still, he tries to cover up for this "soft side", and really is incredibly skillful, especially at riding.
Armand Giles
An amiably corrupt corporate cop in a spacefaring future, from the Space/Cthulhu campaign. Armand grew up in Valkyrie Security, both parents being employees, and thoroughly believes in justice as free enterprise. He is a social and diplomatic investigator who concentrates on solving problems rather than the truth.
Sl'ghthess (aka Slick)
A Chameleon civil engineer in an imperial capital of mystic technology, from the Crystal Palace. Slick is a genuinely adventurous soul underneath his veneer of hiding and his job of maintaining sewage lines.
A Theinorran sorceror, an ambitious nobleman who is seeking to make his fortune, from the Lang of Neng: "Friends of the Fox" campaign. Cassiaz was a loyal but ambitious citizen of Theinorra. He was also gay.
A Loiborran alpaca herder and mentalist from the Lang of Neng: "Friends of the Fox" campaign.
Major Phillip Rook
An officer for the Foriegn Office (aka spy) in Victorian London, late of Egypt, from the The Ripper Game. Rook was a master of disguise and intrigue, and had a faintly romantic desire for adventure but also guilt over the questionable acts he has done.
An anarchic vampire in the Chicago: Dark Requiem live-action game. Born Ian Richard Furneau in Victorian London, he grew up as a gang member in the East End -- then was turned into a vampire. He also turned his half-sister Phaedra (another PC played by Liz Henry).
Inspector Benjamin Grimmond
A police inspector for the East End, and a horrible racist and bully, from the The Ripper Game.
Idelle of Mainz
A thoroughly passive-aggressive medieval woman, from the Ars Magica 767 campaign. She was a student of Bonisagus, learning primarily healing and mental magics (Corporem and Mentem). She also was devoutly Christian and idolized many martyred saints.
A man with a dragon inside him, from the Immortal Tales campaign. Harkel was born in early Norway, circa AD300, and is immortal as a result of his curse. When he gives way to certain impulses or is wounded, the wyrm within him begins to come out. He has adjusted to this by forsaking human ties, and instead becoming a devotee of pure culture. However, what he considers of value changes radically from decade to decade.
Chou Kwan
A working-class man who developed a martial art style called "Art of the Mundane", for the T'ang Dynasty China III campaign run by Chris Lehrich. He had many craft skills, and his martial arts reflected the motions of building and crafting.
Sun Long
A Chinese knight-errant (or xia) and martial arts mage -- who dealt violently with bandits and evil spirits, for the T'ang Dynasty China II campaign run by Chris Lehrich. He used Dragon style martial arts, and his spells included several to trap evil spirits. (Inspired by the Taoist from "A Chinese Ghost Story" and also "Ghostbusters".) He fought using Kan Chiang, a dragon sword forged of gold and iron. It had the magical powers of throwing yang lightning bolts and magnetically trapping metal weapons.
A subtle super-agent-like hero, from the Champions campaign run by Darrell at Columbia. His power was to help network a group with mental links which granted extra powers, but he gained further power from the network -- notably the ability to imitate skills of anyone in his network. He was a manipulater at heart.
Golden Boy
A square-jawed superhero with solar-powered strength, from the Champions campaign run by Darrell at Columbia. He was a fast-moving brick in the mold of the original Superman. He also had extraordinary vision (including X-ray), but of course a weakness to darkness.
Morgause, Princess of Amber, Queen of Shadow Erebus
A Machiavellian princess of Amber, from the Amber: "Creation". She grew up in and ruled a world cloaked in darkness from a giant forest. She was also a wife and mother of two sons.
Aaron Philip Wells (aka "Hg")
A cyberpunk private operator from the GURPS Cyberpunk campaign run by Graham Hine at Columbia. He had complete leg replacements, and was super-fast (known by his professional alias of "Hg" or "Quicksilver" for short).
Phillipe Gaston
A short, fast-talking, psionically-gifted bandit in the GURPS Fantasy campaign run by Graham Hine at Columbia. He had the talents of teleportation and invisibility, which combined to make him a force to be reckoned with.
Antonius Publius Eldarus
A Romanized telepathic elf in the GURPS Fantasy campaign run by Graham Hine at Columbia. He was originally from a classical fantasy woodlands-loving elven community, but they were conquered by the Romans when he was young. Antonius became completely Romanized, and dedicated to the idea that poor tree-hugging savages should be uplifted to the benefits of true civilization.
A superhero in 1644 Paris, with the power to draw strength from crowds of people -- becoming a superstrong powerhouse. He also had great charisma, which he would use to sway crowds to positive (in his view) activity.
Cain Venters
A genetically engineered super-agent from the GURPS Space campaign run by Robert at U of Chicago. He was a trained and ruthless assassin. However, he came to value his teammates as his family. When they rebelled against the agency, he came to hate himself and made extraordinary actions (often disregarding himself) to free them all from the agency.
A discus-wielding warrior prince, from the Hindu Myth game run by Richard Garfinkle at U of Chicago.
A 1/4-rakshasa hero, from the Hindu Myth game run by Richard Garfinkle at U of Chicago. His dharma was to sow disorder among the magi servants of Islam.
Roger Minhail (aka the Hundred-Handed)
A young man of communist leanings in modern-day Chicago who gained telekinetic and clairvoyant of godlike power, from the "God Game" run by Craig Neumeier at U of Chicago. He gained 98 points of telekinesis (hands), 98 points of clairvoyance (eyes), and the ability to concentrate on 50 tasks at once (heads). His power extended globally, visible only as disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field.
A living FTL drive, from the Sci-Fi Superheroes campaign run by Robert Ellis at U of Chicago, with the ability to teleport 5502 light-years in a single action. He had odd attitudes about spatial relations which gave him an rather alien worldview.
A super-powered undercover terrorist, from the Sci-Fi Superheroes campaign run by Robert Ellis at U of Chicago. I had originally designed Blackout as a flat-out dumb practical joker who had exceptional teleportational powers. However, I discovered in the first session that the game was full of political intrigue. On request, I redesigned him to be an unscrupulous type who was playing dumb to cover his strikes against the repressive world government.
Luca Pitti
A massively-built empathic healer in the Renaissance Italy Rolemaster campaign run by Allesandra Kelly at U of Chicago. He was also dumb as a post, but devoutly Christian and masochistic.
Calhoun Mooney
A Celtic druid/bard/priest in a modern-day magic society from the Oathbreaker/Secrecy Game run by Richard Garfinkle at U of Chicago. He was a trickster, illusionist, and satirist -- a priest of Cairbre. This being modern-day, he pulled tricks such as invoking the power of Letterman in his illusion to pull off the letter "h" from the enemy's helms.
Kiowa Chun
A mixed-race Japanese/Algonquin magician and King of Appalachia in a modern-day magic society from the Oathbreaker/Secrecy Game run by Richard Garfinkle at U of Chicago.
Sorcerer Ahasaraus
An arabic sorcerer (specializing in Summoning, Space, and Air) in a modern-day magic society from the Oathbreaker/Secrecy Game run by Richard Garfinkle at U of Chicago. His schtick was summoning primal forces such as a Jovian wind blast, or reshaping the battlefield by summoning blocks of earth.
A Mongolian bodyguard to the Emperor of Russia (another PC, played by Craig Neumeier), from the Oathbreaker/Secrecy Game run by Richard Garfinkle at U of Chicago.
John Rexfellus
An ill-fated Loremaster Hero, from the Oathbreaker/Secrecy Game run by Richard Garfinkle at U of Chicago. He was an exercise in frustration as I discovered that his Hero quality made him a pawn of cosmic forces. In theory, his loremaster was intended to mitigate this -- but it simply didn't work in practice, since I as a player did not understand the cosmic principles here.
Michaelangelo Fortunato
A smooth-talking merchant and womanizer of the "Orchard World" from the Mirrorworld campaign run by Richard Garfinkle at U of Chicago. His outstanding moment was when he critically succeeded in seducing a powerful wizard as she was hiring the PCs.
A amnesiac superheroine with an eclectic mix of mystic powers supplementing her martial arts, from the "Avatars" Champions campaign run by Robert Ellis at U of Chicago. She found that each time she died, she woke up in bed. Secretly, she was the dream projection of an avatar of Fate which was trapped in an unconscious state.
A android-like construct with electical projection powers, from the "Avatars" Champions campaign run by Robert Ellis at U of Chicago. I had originally pictured him as a martial artist and gadgeteer, but redesigned him into a monstrosity when I saw how massively powered the other PCs were. He was built around several crocks, notably spreading a continuous energy blast.

     Volt was my first PC from college (made in 1987). I have very few records from previous to that, as noted in my Early RPGs page.

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