Ars Magica 767

This is information from an Ars Magica role-playing campaign set in Mythic Europe in the late 8th century, jokingly titled "No Rest for the Innocent". This is a narrative/tabletop role-playing game which was played in Chicago, Illinois from 1996-1997.

GM: Joe Franecki. Players: Chris Lehrich, Mark Kobrak, Cullen Grace, John Kim, and Liz Henry.

It was set five centuries prior to the usual Ars Magica setting, just before the founding of the Order of Hermes. This is a very different culture -- both mortal and magical -- than the default time period of the 13th century. The kingdoms are pre-feudal, the Church is still weak and insecure, and the cultures widely varying. In the Ars Magica background, magic is still uncodified: working differently for different groups.


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