Champions: The Infinite Justice League

     These are notes on a role-playing campaign set in the world of "Champions: The New Millenium" (from R Talsorian Games) but using the Hero System rules instead of Fuzion.

     The PCs are a loosely-organized team of heroes in "Bay City", which is the merger of San Francisco and surrounding cities from the C:TNM alternate history. In C:TNM, they are the next generation of paranormal crime fighters to emerge from the Proprietor War -- which was an apocalyptic battle in 2000 that wiped out many of the superheroes of earlier ages. However, the release of mystic energies from that battle created more superpowered beings than ever. The PC's have named themselves the "Infinite Justice League", in a fit of irony.

     The Campaign Tone Checklist is as follows:

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