The Replacement Killers Campaign

         This campaign is set back in the eighties: starting in December 1983. The premise comes from the end of "Never Say Never Again" -- James Bond has just now finally and truly retired after over two decades of service (since the Dr. No mission in 1962). The new M is an upper-class sort who originally had looked down on the double-oh branch. However, the latest nuclear trouble has convinced him that it is worth a shot. The PCs, then, are three of the new double-ohs.

The Missions
#1) Down Under
#2) When Doves Cry
#3) Hit Me with Your Best Shot
#4) Everybody Wants to Rule the World
The Eighties
Notes on the surrounding world, both in terms of James Bond and in terms of real politics and culture.
PC Descriptions
Player character write-ups, which will hopefully grow more detailed as time passes.
PC Stats
Game stats for all the PCs, plus James Bond himself as a comparison.
Experience Spending
Tracking experience gained and spent.
The Forge: James Bond Campaign Starting (Feb 2004)

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