Mission 4: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Theme Song: Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

Plot Summary: The agents learn about a plot to assassinate industrialist Max Zorin, after TAROT attempt to cover up their trail by blowing up an American admiral.


  1. We begin seeing Sophie Chaud-au-cul dressed as a naval attache, carrying a bomb disguised as a document box into an admiral's office on board ship. However, it turns out to be 009, Blake Cannon, in the office. She tosses the bomb at him and runs. With help from a number of thugs, she puts up a good chase but is eventually caught. She then reveals that she was recruited into TAROT by Marcel Dupre, and that he is planning to assassinate industrialist Max Zorin. The agents go undercover at Zorin's yearling sale in the south of France. There 009 spots a beautiful Japanese woman going into an unused greenhouse with a security lock.
  2. (Scheduled for October 9)
    The party winds up. 008 (Falstaff) flirts with Lady Victoria, but doesn't follow up on it. Later, 009 sneaks into the unused greenhouse and goes down to find a secret lab under the stables where they are experimenting with doping horses. He hides and sees a woman dressed in black sneak in, whom he recognizes as Lady Victoria. She comes in and takes pictures of material in the safe, then adds a back-door control into the security system. 009 stays hidden and after she leaves he takes out her back-door control. The next day, 009 comes in undercover as a security man, and 008 (Falstaff) and Lady Victoria go riding for a picnic. During the day, an assassin (Marcel Dupre) tries to attack. However, he is detected by Zorin's men since the backdoor was removed. Falstaff rides him down and knocks him out, then goes back with him with Zorin's guards. 009 sneaks into the secret lab, where he catches Dr. Nakahara trying to poison Zorin. He catches her and reveals himself, relying on his cover as a hired security consultant. Zorin is thrilled. He has both Falstaff and Cannon meet with the two prisoners in his library. There, he shoots Dupre and asks Cannon to interrogate the doctor, still thinking Cannon is his hireling. He is suspicious of Falstaff, who says he is with an organization but doesn't disclose which. Zorin offers him a yearling, which he goes away with, but on the way out his friend and lover "Wickers" (Edgar Roderick Hardwick) is killed by a electrocuting watch given to him by Zorin. Meanwhile, 009 goes with Zorin's henchwoman Jenny Flex to interrogate -- but seduces her along the way.
  3. (Scheduled for October 23)
    We pick up with Falstaff on the road with Wicker's body, where he vows revenge on Zorin but bides his time. He meets up with the others at the station house where they bring Dr. Nakahara in for interrogation. 003 (Hyde) goes to work on her, and she eventually agrees to turn over evidence for assurances on her sentencing by the Americans. She reveals that Dr. Turner is in Tokyo, where TAROT has a secret research facility, and gives the names of two contacts to the organization. The three MI6 agents head to Japan, partly re-equipping. They check into penthouse rooms of a fancy hotel where they think Turner is likely to be. While Falstaff and Cannon relax in the bar, Hyde goes up to the room and there sees Dr. Turner in the hall. She races down the stairs but is eventually captured. They tie her up, and check her room, seeing that she was going to meet "Ivan" at a party later. They then fight their way past a bunch of TAROT thugs to get her out of the hotel. They go to see Tiger Tanaka, and arrange a deal with him, putting Dr. Turner into his custody. They then go to the party, where Falstaff meets Ivan -- Ivan Moorcock, an interior decorator and friend of both Lady Victoria and Dr. Turner. Falstaff spends the night with Ivan, while Cannon meets Lady Victoria and spends the night with her. Over the night, he finds that she has gone over to TAROT. Meanwhile, Hyde has tracked a contact there, and finds that he has betrayed TAROT to Max Zorin -- who is secretly in Tokyo and planning a bombing in revenge against TAROT. They meet again with Tanaka and plan a coordinated action to stop it. Cannon disarms the bomb in TAROT headquarters but lets Lady Victoria go. Hyde and Falstaff chase down Max Zorin, whom they eventually kill on the top of the tower.

Featured Characters:

Date: April 1985

Experience: 1000
Fame Points: +? for Cannon, +? for Falstaff, +? for Hyde, +? for Tomlinson.

Real-world Background:

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