JB007 Campaign PCs

Sebastian Hyde, 003
A career spy who has work for MI6 for many years, and a master of cryptography and interrogation. He has a wife and family in England. His wife is Marie Whitcomb -- a cipher clerk who knows that Sebastian is a field agent, but not that he's a 00. She is a no-nonsense hum-drum woman from an ordinary background. She is Sebastian's anchor to the real world outside of espionage. They have a daughter, Sally, age six. He also has a frequent contact named Francoise duMere -- a smuggler based in Marseilles who doesn't deal in narcotics.
His typical drink is Bombay Sapphire and tonic, and he drives a Jaguar XJ6 Series III.
Quantin Q. Falstaff III, 008
Head of the historic Falstaff family, and holder of Farnsworth-on-Wold -- an ancestral estate in the bucolic and Lake Country in the northwest of England. He comes across as the athletic aristocratic fop, but has been covertly working for MI6 for many years since leaving the military.
His typical drink is Old Oldbury Sheep Dip (pure malt scotch whisky).
Contacts: old school chum; old military buddy; horse breeder.
Blake Cannon, 009
A former cat-burglar who became known as "The Spider" for his daring high-rise break-ins. He was contracted by an unorthodox member of Q Branch to steal some industrial secrets, and after extraordinary success they are petitioning for him to be recruited into the double-oh section.
He doesn't have a typical drink, but he does have an expensive and potentially dangerous drug habit.
Contacts: drug supplier, jewelry fence.
Lt. Cmdr. Scott Tomlinson
An American naval officer who has worked in intelligence for some time. He is short and thin, with red hair (nicknamed "Rusty" by some). He grew up in Tennesee, then graduated from Anapolis, and prepared to be a marksman in the 1980 Olympics, but his hopes of that were shot when the U.S. boycotted the Olympics there.
Contacts: international banker girlfriend Eileen Goldstein, CIA agent Felix Leiter, (?).

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