Blue Rose Notes

         The Blue Rose role-playing game was published by Green Ronin in 2005 -- written by Jeremy Crawford, Dawn Elliot, Steve Kenson, and John Snead. The following are my notes and thoughts on the game:

This is my complete review of the Blue Rose core rulebook, currently in draft form.
Introduction to Romantic Fantasy
An introduction to the basics of romantic fantasy, to those unfamiliar with the genre.
"Does the Golden Hart trample on role-playing?"
An essay and FAQ concerning various rumors that have gone on about the Blue Rose game.
Campaign Ideas
The following are some campaign concepts which I have fleshed out to a greater or lesser degree.
HTML Character Utility
This is a utility for editing character and displaying them in a beautifully-formatted template in HTML. The sheet can be saved as HTML and edited again later.
World of Aldea Overview
An overview of the world of Aldea, with comparisons and parallels to real-world countries and cultures.
Game Aid: Sorted Feats
These are listings of feats sorted by focus (such as Movement, Social, and so forth). There are separate pages for each of the three Roles -- so for a given Role (Adept, Expert, Warrior) you can see all the accessible feats sorted by focus. It also marks those with prerequisites by italics.
Adept Feats     Expert Feats     Warrior Feats     Feats XML Data
True20 System Updates
Summaries of the updates to True20 which have happened in the releases of True20 as a generic system -- some of which might be adopted by Blue Rose GMs.
New True20 Rules: Framing & Weaving
A brief excerpt of new rules for True20, in the expanded book, which could be used in a Blue Rose campaign.



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